Welcome to the “Witton Weavers” – my blog about Mountain Biking in and around the West Pennine Moors. Through the blog I want to showcase the natural beauty of the area; provide information on many of the wonderful local places of interest and detail trails that can be used by walkers and cyclists alike – although most of the routes are more suitable to mountain rather than road bikes.

Many of the featured routes start and finish in Bromley Cross but can easily be amended to start and finish at any point en-route or modified to suit your own needs. There are many short sections of trail that are identified separately and in some detail. These can be pieced together to form rides of differing length and difficulty to suit any ability.

Please help in the evolvement of the site by commenting or by using the rating systems against individual posts. I would particularly welcome ratings, suggestions and ‘constructive’ comments against local pubs and restaurants as this is something we can all benefit from!

Here at Witton Weavers we don’t particularly subscribe to the idea that one path is for walkers, one for horses and another for cyclists. The natural beauty of the West Pennine Moors is there for all to enjoy! What we do advocate is responsible cycling, taking into account all other users on the trails. Remember that most joggers will be in another world listening to an ipod, most dogs will want to, inexplicably dart in front of you at the last possible moment and that all dog owners will blame you regardless before telling you that you should have a bell…!

Many thanks for taking the time to visit and read my blog, should you wish to contact me then please feel free to email me here.

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